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How to book a car?
To make a reservation, a prepayment of 1 hour of travel at the selected rate is required. To make a prepayment, please contact our manager.
Can I book a car in advance?
Yes, you can and should book a car as early as possible. Even if there are whole 2 months before your event, it does not mean that we are insured against coincidences, and there may be no free cars left for your date. So if you can, it's always better to call in advance.
How to sign a contract?
Maybach.Rent company offers two ways to formalize cooperation:

  • If you do not want to waste time visiting the office, we can sign an online contract with you: provide your data by phone or via e-mail, after that we will send the signed contract to your postal address.
  • Our manager may come to your address, or arrange a meeting at any location convenient for you. The representative of the company will have all the necessary documents with him.
    Is it possible to fetch a car outside MKAD?
    Yes, our drivers are ready to take trips all over the Moscow region and all of Russia. The fetching cost is calculated depending on the distance of your location from Moscow city center.
    How and when can I view the car?
    • Often, our customers choose to inspect the car through an online WhatsApp stream.
    • You can also view the car for free on weekdays from 5 to 6 am, or on weekends from 7 to 8 am in the center of Moscow.
    • Our cars work around the clock, so a viewing at other hours convenient for you will be charged according to standard rates.
    Will I need to pay extra after the trip?
    Our payment rates are by the hour, so no recalculations for mileage or departure outside MKAD will be applied. The cost is fixed immediately and includes: fuel, car maintenance (for long-term rental), driver services, insurance and parking. If you want to extend the rental time, the cost of the surcharge will be additionally discussed and agreed upon with a manager.
    Why do we charge for fetching the car?
    There are cases when customers cancel the order after the driver has already arrived at the location. Each trip requires preparation, which entails certain costs. Therefore, we cannot allow cars to drive around the city in vain.

    Prepayment is a 100% guarantee that the car will arrive to you on the appointed day and time, and we, in turn, will be able to freely provide our service.
    Do we work with legal entities?
    Yes, we are ready to sign a contract with both individuals and legal entities. In the second case, payment is made at the bank cash desk according to the invoice.
    How will the driver be dressed?
    Our smart and neat drivers always comply with a strict regulated dress code: dark suit, white shirt, tie.
    How to rent a car for a long period of time?
    • Long-term rental is much more economically efficient than the hourly rate.
    • To book a car rental with a driver for a long period of time you need to sign a contract.
    • Please contact our manager for further details.
    When will I get the driver's phone number and car registration plate number?
    You will be provided with all the necessary information no later than 12 hours before the appointed car fetching time, if you have applied to book at least 1 day in advance.
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