MAYBACH — exclusive premium car rental with driver
Book a first-class car with a driver for trips within Moscow,
Russia or even to another country.
MAYBACH — exclusive premium car rental with driver
Book a first-class car with a driver for trips within Moscow,
Russia or even to another country.


We take pride in the quality of our work, and are always happy to welcome you and your loved ones!
Аренда Майбаха
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Cars don't fly, but Maybach is a car which will have you feel soaring high above the ground. Uncompromising luxury, attention to detail and maximum comfort — this is just what you and your loved ones deserve.

Майбаха в Аренду


Owner of a dental clinics chain
We were initially confident that the service will be top-level, but in fact everything was even better than we expected.
Perfectly clean car body, spotlessly fresh interior, all brand new.
We were left with exceptionally positive impressions
Showman, presenter, blogger
To talk about respectability and representativeness of such a car is to talk about something obvious to anyone.
But the friendliness on the part of staff members who we talked to on the phone,

as well as the drivers themselves – it's genuinely great.
Bride, future mother and wife
Being a bride as well as an expecting mother, I had the opportunity to lie down on the comfortable car seat,
recuperate and get some private space at any moment.

Because of this, I was able to enjoy the wedding and not just look forward for it all to finally end.
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На сколько часов нужна машина?
Минимальный заказ от 2 часов внутри ТТК или от 3 часов внутри МКАД. Плюс оплачивается стоимость подачи за МКАД равная стоимости 1 часа поездки.
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Maybach с водителем


Trip to the airport
Traveling by plane? No need to pay for parking at the airport.

Start your holiday voyage or business trip with a ride to the airport in a luxury Maybach car with an experienced and attentive driver who will carry your luggage to the car and accompany you to check-in and baggage drop upon arrival.

Mercedes-Maybach for a wedding
Wedding, family celebration, social outing or an important business event – in any situation, we will provide you with the highest level of service and comfort. A luxury car will be waiting for you or your loved ones, creating a festive atmosphere from the first minute you step out of your house.

Take care of yourself and those who are dear to you: give them a royal-style travel experience with superb conditions and a professional driver.

You need time to think
Traveling time should not be wasted. Get in a first-class Maybach car and focus on business matters or important thoughts. The driver will take care of all the details of the trip.

The highest level of comfort and security is a guarantee that you will be safely able to hold a confidential telephone conversation or talk about any personal matters with your companions.

MERCEDES-MAYBACH is a combination of technical excellence
and unique design

This creates an environment equally comfortable for travel, work or leisure.

This luxury brand combines the perfection of Mercedes-Benz S class with the exclusivity of Maybach.

A whole range of additional options which will make you
forget you're actually in an automobile

The advantages of the Maybach car are obvious
✔ More space in the rear of the car means more freedom. Our cars can comfortably accommodate up to 3 passengers, with enough space for 2 large suitcases and 2 items of hand luggage.

✔ Individual options for each passenger: separate climate control outputs and LED lighting which allows you to select the color of each zone.

✔ The passenger compartment easily turns into a workplace: there is Wi-Fi and the ability to charge any device, spread out two spacious desktops, or output the sound from your smartphone to the car speakers.
✔ Hands-free system is able to mute or amplify the sound between the front and rear compartment to provide you with privacy and at the same time the ability to easily talk to the driver.

✔ A lot of pleasant technical details will help you relax: the cabin has automatic blinds for rear and side windows, coasters with heating and cooling, drinking water, electric massage with the effect of hot stones and heated door armrest.

✔ Our prudent drivers are always ready to help with luggage. Also, they will always make sure to open an umbrella over you when leaving the car if it rains.
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Аренда Мерседес Майбах
Car rental service with personal driver in Moscow, all over Russia and abroad.
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